Wanting to try a new sport? Maybe you are bored at home after school? But don’t want to spend your hard earned cash on something you might not even like! 


Well Sportivate in collaboration with Activ8 is for you! The scheme allows you to get 2 weeks for absolutely free, then the following weeks for a discounted rate of £3 a session! 


For the next round of Sportivate, (starting May 11th) we are only able to offer 8 places to females aged 11-25, and 8 places to disability participants aged 11-25. But dont worry if you dont meet there requirmnets, you can still come along and try out activ8 under our normal trial sessions


Whether you have done lots of sport before or have not moved from the sofa for 5 years we can cater for your needs. We are currently offering this class for aged 11-25, however if you are keen to try trampolining we take all ages into our normal club sessions. If you have any doubts we would be more than happy to help, and hopefully set your mind to rest! Why not get in touch? Our coaches are all qualified and highly experience, giving you the peace of mind you will get the support and guidance you need during your Sportivate sessions at Activ8.


Trampolining is a great way to meet new people, learn skills and keep fit. Starting with simple skills, building your confidence and coordination, then moving to more exciting and complex skills. Not only will you have some cool new tricks to show your friends, but trampolining is a great way to get active and stay social.


Choose from two different day, Mondays 7pm till 8pm, or Thursdays 7pm -8pm. We are based in our normal location (action indoor sports). You can get further details about our address here. 


If you want to know more about Sportivate then you can check out their website by clicking here. 

 8 Weeks

Free Bag @ Week 6

Weeks 3-8 £3 a session

2 Weeks Free!

Free Tshirt @ Week 10

Start 11th May