Membership Fees

We would love to give you trampolining for free, every hour of every day! Unfortunately we haven’t discovered the magic money tree yet; nevertheless we do our best to keep costs to an absolute minimum, meaning everyone can get involved in our sport! Our range of payment plans are aimed to suit everyone, from recurring monthly payments to pay per session plans. Additionally to these prices, we have a very small annual membership fee of £20. This ensures we have the resources to give each members progression books and conditioning plans, as well as maintaining the clubs equipment. 


British Gymnastics also offer insurance as part of their membership, to find more details about this insurance click here or find the link on our menu.


Hopefully you can find the information you require below, but if you want any further information we would be more than happy to answer questions via our contact form or by speaking with our coaches during sessions.  

First Trial

Per Hour

We love our sport and hope that you will too. So for this reason we have put on a special deal; your first four sessions are just £6 each!  Of course we hope you enjoy it so much that we can have you around for years to come, but if not then don’t worry! After your first session you get up to another session at £6 before you have to join.  This gives you a longer taster of trampolining to really master some cool skills, or maybe you’ll love us so much that you go straight for the monthly payments! 

From £4.50

Per Hour


This is the cheapest option, and will guarantee you a space in your chosen session every week. Just choose your session times, and then work out how much you need to pay per month. When we calculate your monthly payments, the periods of time where we don’t train are also incorporated. The more hours you do with the club, the cheaper the cost per hour will become.