Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions? Instead of having to wait for us to reply why not see if someone else has already asked the same question? It might save you a little time. If you don’t find the answer to your questions please do get in touch with us and we will do our very best to help you. 


Who can join Activ8?

Anyone! We take massive pride on our inclusive nature. So regardless of your ability, age or disability we would love to see you come along for a taster session! If you want to try our club please get in touch so you can arrange your first taster session. 


How much does it cost? 

Sessions cost start at £4 per hour if you set up a standing order payment.  Reduction if cost per hour is offered if you attend more hours per week.   We require members to pay a yearly membership fee (£11 for pre-school and £20 for full members) as well as British Gymnastics insurance (£11 pre school and £17 full members).


How long does the membership last?


Club and BG membership is an annual fee running from 1st October to 30th September. For club membership we offer a reduced rate for members joining in June July or August (£8 pre-school, £12 full members) to take you until October. 


What do I get for the membership fee?


The club membership fee helps to pay for the club insurance and on-going servicing costs for the equipment.  Also on joining, the club provides each child with a training pack.


What will they be working on in sessions?

They work from their award book (work sheet during 6 week trial period).  After learning a number of skills they will also be given a level sheet of which 2 drills are to be practised each session working toward a routine. This approach has been developed off the back of many years coaching experience from our coaching team, and has been proven many times with several national successes and members now competing for Great Britain. 

Depending on the child’s ability they will move through skills as the coach sees safe, and while some people take a little longer than others that will never stop us from having plenty of fun during sessions!



What is a Level sheet?


There is a National development structure.  Each person starts at a level that best suits their ability.  A person then works from one level to the next.


How do I get my son/daughter changed to another day?


If you are paying by standing order each month and are unable to make a session, you are welcome to either swap to a different day that week or sign up for the additional session the following week.  Please email Judy ( or let the desk know when you book into the session. If you wish to permanently move your child to a new day then please speak with Judy who will be able to advise you on session availability. This is normally not a problem provided there are spaces in the session you want to move into. 


Do I need to book my trial session?

Yes! We have limited spaces in our sessions, and need to plan each session to accommodate the right number of people. But don’t worry it’s easy to do, all that you need to do is email with your names, children’s name, which days and times you can make (check our session times if you don’t know when we train) and any other detail you think is relevant for us to know (for example any disabilities which might impact on your child doing trampolining).