Baby Bounce

Monday, Tuesday, Friday 10-11am

Baby bounce is expanding! Now that Activ8 are permanently setup at Action Indoor Sports, we are able to offer baby bounce on any day of the week provided we have enough little ones (we wouldn't want them getting too tired would we!). So if you would like to attend baby bounce, register your interest with us, and as soon as we have enough people we can put a session on. If you have friends who might also like to join, getting a group together means we are able to run your preferred times. 

Our baby bounce class is designed for children aged 18 months to pre-school age. We welcome children of all abilities and disabilities in our club and aim to give them a fun experience, while learning a few skills at the same time. During baby bounce sessions we ask that parents and carers to assist coaches in setting up equipment where necessary and stay with their child for the duration of the session. Once children begin school they graduate from baby bounce and can begin the evening classes where they begin a more structured learning program aimed to develop their skills to a competitive level.



We have seen lots of different children come through this scheme, and all of them absolutely love it! Whether they want to just bounce around for the whole session or if they enjoy learning skills we are able to cater for them. As well as trampolining, it is a great place for your child to socialise, with many of the baby bounce members playing together (or more usually causing havoc).

If you think you might be interested in bringing your child to baby bounce, get in touch so we can make sure there is enough space in the session. We don’t like to have too many children to each coach to ensure everyone gets the supervision they need during the session.