With fully qualified coaches, you'll be in safe hands as you discover a fun and rewarding new sport! Even if you’re a total novice, come have some fun with us, all are welcome! Our Adult classes are full of likeminded people, ranging in abilities, age and gender so they are a fantastic way not only to learn new skills and keep fit, but also meet some great new friends. As these sessions are dedicated to adult members, we can tailor the content of the sessions to make then fun and engaging, while still helping you master trampolining!

Tuesday - 7-8pm

We now have a group of adults attending our 'normal' sessions, so we have decided the best way to accommodate some of our more mature members is to give them their own session. As such we have created this adult trampolining class for over 18 years olds only, so no screaming kids to deal with, only enjoying an hour of a new skill. 



I've never done trampolining before. Can I still come? 

The majority of our adults have never been on a trampoline before! Absolutely everyone is welcome at our club, so even if you have never even seen a trampoline before we would still love to see you! There are no fitness requirements either, but if you do have a medical condition you think might affect your trampolining just quietly let a coach know before you start. 


Is there an age limit? 

Of course not! Age is just a number right? However as this is an adult trampoline class we do ask that all members are over 18. If you are under 18 and want to try trampolining we have lots of sessions for you, just visit our session time page for more details. 


How much does it cost? 

Your first trial session is £5, and the second week is free. Once you have had you two weeks trial and decided if you enjoyed yourself, you can then sign up for a further 4 weeks for £15. If you have specific questions about costs, please get in touch with us and we can give further details. Please note we can't do card payments, but can take cash, cheque or bank transfer. 


How big are the groups? 

You will be split into groups of 3-5 on each trampoline, so you get plenty of time on the trampoline. The overall group size will vary depending how much interest we have had for that specific period of time, but on average groups will be around 20 people.


What do I need to wear? Is there any special equipment?

We advise you wear comfortable sports clothes with a bit of stretch in them or that aren’t too tight fitting. A pair of sports socks are also required. You don’t need shoes on the trampoline, so don’t worry about wearing trainers. You can have a look at some of the pictures on the right to get a better idea of what people wear. Please note: No jewellery is allowed to be worn on the trampoline, neither are trousers with buttons, buckles or poppers as these can get caught in the trampoline and cause injury (which nobody wants!). You don’t need to bring any special equipment, we have everything you need. So just come equipped for doing some sport and you’ll be fine. 

Is it safe? 

All our coaches are qualified (and insured) with British Gymnastics. We do take safety very seriously, so provided you follow what the coach tells you to do trampolining is very safe. Activ8 is 'Gym Mark' certified club, meaning British Gymnastics asses our safety and protection policies annually to ensure we meet their high standards. If you have any concerns about injuries or medical conditions before you start just chat to a coach who will be able to advice you. 


If you think you might be interested in trying our Adult Trampolining class, get in touch so we can make sure there is enough space in the session. Alternatively if you have any questions we are more than happy to answer them individually. 

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